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Kibale Forest National Park is located east of mountain of the moon (Rwenzori Mountains). The landscape is packed with beautiful crater lakes and carpeted with tea plantations.
The tropical forests of Kibale National Park are home to thirteen types of primates including chimpanzees, red colobus ,and elephants. There are approximately 355 bird species.

Chimp Tracking
This activity usually takes 3-4 hours and once you locate the troop of chimps you spend one hour with them.
The tracking is done twice in a day at 8.00am and 2.00pm In the afternoon.

Chimp Habituation

This is a very special activity. You enter the forest quite early in the morning, between 6.00am-6.30am, before the chimps wake up. With our guides you follow them till late evening until they set their nests for the night in the forest. This activity takes the whole day and its highly recommended by our expert guides .

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