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Patrick offers gorilla tracking, wildlife safaris, and culture tours with a high level of onsite experience. With Patrick guiding you will experience unforgettable memories in east Africa. Patrick's dedicated professionalism ensures he is always ready to provide a high quality standard of service and detailed information from the word go to give you the unforgettable memories for the African wilderness.

Shoebill Stork


This rare and endangered bird breeds in only a couple of remote swamps in central Africa. We have local guides that are expert at locationg and viewing this bizarre looking bird, without disturbing its daily habits.

Chimpanzee Trekking

The tropical forests of Kibale National Park are home to thirteen types of primates including chimpanzees.
Chimp Tracking
This activity usually takes 3-4 hours and once you locate the troop of chimps you spend one hour with them.
Chimp Habituation
This is a very special activity. You enter the forest quite early in the morning, between 6.00am-6.30am, before the chimps wake up.
This activity takes the whole day and its highly recommended by our expert guides .

Highlights of Uganda

Trekking for Gorillas

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


Home of the mountain gorillas.

Bull Elephants

Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Toward the south of Uganda and has a wide variety of habitat and therefore wildlife.


Birding in Uganda


Uganda has a huge variety of amazing birds, many of which are relatively easy to see, though some of the rare species are location specific.


The Big 5

If you take a safari with Patrick there is every chance you will see some fantastic views of the animals on your list.

Tree Lion

Tree Lions

Tree Lions

Yes, there are lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park that are renouned for spending their days lying about in a tree.

Shoebill swamp

Travel Tips for Uganda

Uganda is generally a safe place to travel but a good dollop of common sense is advisable. Feel free to wander about with Patrick knowing that he is not likely to frequent any areas that may compromise your safety.

Expeditions with WildlifeXpeditions

Things you can expect include:

  • Real value for money
  • An experience of a lifetime
  • Keeping to schedule
  • Personalised attention and service
  • Prompt and courteous service.

Patrick is outgoing with a good sense of humor and when he’s not working hard taking care of guests he enjoys brushing up on his birding, reading books and watching movies.

Rift Valley

Patrick hosts many of the clients flying into the Bwindi area for gorilla trekking as well as visiting the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. He also is an expert on birds and animals of the area and will find what you want to see most.